Industry vets nab top honor at SummerFest VI Spot Master Championship

KNOXVILLE, TN — Dom Agostino of Dom’s Cleaning Service, North Babylon, NY and Lee Stockwell, Lee’s Carpet Cleaning, Murray, KY teamed up to take top honors in the 6th annual SummerFest Spot Master Championship Saturday.

The contest, sponsored by CM/Cleanfax magazine with trophies donated by the Magic Wand Company, had eight two-man teams, and each team had 30 minutes to remove 13 tough stains, including mustard, Magic Marker, ballpoint ink, Kool-Aid and fingernail polish.
Stockwell and Agostino, with nearly 50 years’ experience in the carpet cleaning industry, were chosen by a panel of judges to have removed the most spots and stains with best final appearance and texture retention.

(Editor’s note: In other words, there was still some fiber left when the contest was over.)

SummerFest, boasting 72 attendees in Knoxville, is an annual, informal carpet cleaner’s convention, held at various locations across the United States.

The next SummerFest location is Portland, OR.
Dates will be announced.

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