SummerFest XV Presentation – No Bull Marketing

Saturday July 27 – 9:00am- 10:00 am   – No Bull Marketing  – Ivan Turner (Show Me Marketing Solutions)

With the buying power of national franchise groups, tighter customer discretionary spending, and the increasing cost of doing business, many carpet cleaning owners are being squeezed out of the game. To survive and excel in today’s challenging environment, the “game” must be taken to them! With this program you can learn how to turbo charge your business and turn it into a marketing machine that garners the attention of everyone playing the “game.”

No bull Marketing presentation at SummerFest XV 2013 - Muskegon MIAfter all, carpets, furniture, tile floors and other surfaces still need to be cleaned. If you are fed up with sitting idly by as the competition encroach on your business, this program is for you! If you provide high quality cleaning and restoration services and are not getting the volume of work desired, then it is time to make some fundamental changes that will make your targeted prospects take notice.

This intense high energy class is perfectly suited to owners, managers and marketing representatives that want to place their cleaning and restoration business in overdrive!

Ivan Turner CEO of ShowMe Marketing Solutions and past president of AeroDry Cleaning & Restoration. who boast a 25 year record of leading a highly respected, full service Cleaning & Restoration business in Mid-Missouri.

Make no mistake about it: competing in the cleaning and restoration game is getting tougher by the day. You may proudly own and display your fleet of powerful truckmounts, but it is not your truckmounts and equipment that has customers calling, its your Positioning and Marketing Savvy that makes your telephone ring!

ShowMe Marketing Solutions is a respected resource for cleaning and restoration  companies that desire an innovative approach to business growth by providing them a leading edge in this competitive industry. Ivan has authored comprehensive  How To books, Marketing to Plumbers and Building a Successful cleaning & restoration business. Ivan has been featured and published in “Millionaire Blueprints” and “ICS Magazine” and a regular blogger on R&R Magazine and the SFS member site. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Ivan speak at SummerFest XV on July 27 2013 at DSC in Muskegon Michigan. For more info visit or RSVP by calling 440-296-9322.

Marketing presentation at SummerFest XV July 27 2013 - Muskegon MIIvan is a high content speaker who is motivational and inspirational in style and tone, whose programs are jam packed with pertinent information.

Ivan will reveal secrets for building a successful carpet cleaning company based on personal experience and the experience of other thriving entrepreneurs. You will not get pie in the sky, big talk from self promoting marketers who teach aggressive marketing based on theory, but rather a wealth of information based on years of trial and error and tens of thousands of dollars of investment in discovering “Best Practices.”

Would you like to learn how to employ proven strategies for building your cleaning and restoration business at an accelerated rate? Of course you do, we all do!  After attending this 1 hour presentation you will clearly understand why getting through to the inside is the key to building meaningful relationships with carpet retailers, property managers, and the leaders of the community that you serve. It is all about “Breaking the Code”

Upon completion of “Breaking the Code” cleaners and restorers have:

  • A clear understanding of where you stand in the market compared to others
  • A marketing plan and strategy
  • A plan for transforming from average to a highly visible provider of service
  • Readiness to return to the business and begin implementing the marketing plan the very next day
  • A solid plan for gaining a competitive advantage in your market area

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Ivan speak at SummerFest XV on July 27 2013 at DSC in Muskegon Michigan. For more info visit or RSVP by calling 440-296-9322.

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