All About SummerFest

What is SummerFest?

SummerFest is an annual informal, grassroots gathering of professional carpet cleaners of all methods and ideologies, from the United States and beyond, for an extended weekend. Organized by carpet cleaners, for carpet cleaners. All carpet cleaning methods are discussed and demoed by attending carpet cleaners.

SummerFest is a time to put faces to names,  talk shop and some family talk.  The spirit of SummerFest is somewhat like a cross between a family reunion and a company picnic.

SummerFest is not a trade show, but rather a relaxed, sales free environment for professional carpet cleaners (and their families) to meet, eat, drink,  network, learn, laugh, get “hands on” experience with all sorts of carpet cleaning equipment  and have a lot of fun. SummerFest is the unConvention!

Where is SummerFest? SummerFest is hosted in a different city each year. New locations will be announced on the Go To SummerFest website home page. Attend SummerFest and nominate a location for consideration for future SummerFests at the annual Saturday morning Round Table.

Previous locations:

2014 Lexington Kentucky (Winchester) * Cancelled
2013 Muskegon Michigan
2012 Tampa Florida (St Pete)
2011 Hartford Connecticut (Norwich)
2010 Salt Lake City Utah (Orem)
2009 Atlanta Georgia (Norcross / Dalton)
2008 Grand Rapids Michigan (Muskegon)
2007 Indianapolis, Indiana (Ciecero)
2006 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
2005 Portland, Oregon
2004 Knoxville, Tennessee (Alcoa)
2003 Baltimore, Maryland
2002 St. Louis Missouri
2001 San Diego California
2000 Atlanta, Georgia
1999 Columbus, Ohio

When is SummerFest?The name “SummerFest” can be misleading as SummerFest is not really about a specific time of year (although the majority of SummerFests have been in Sept). In fact, the first SummerFest was in October in Ohio.

  • 2013 – July 26-27 in Muskegon Michigan
  • 2012 – May 6 in Tampa / St Pete Florida
  • 2011 – July 20-24 in Hartford Connecticut
  • 2010 – Sept 9-11 in Salt Lake City Utah
  • 2009 – October 1-3 in Atlanta Georgia
  • 2008 – July 24-26 in Muskegon Michigan
  • 2007 – August 2-4 in Indianapolis Indiana
  • 2006 – Sept 7-10 in Myrtle Beach South Carolina
  • 2005 – Sept 15-18 in Portland Oregon
  • 2004 – Sept 9-12 in Knoxville Tennessee
  • 2003 – Sept 19-21 in Baltimore Maryland
  • 2002 – Sept 20-22 in St Louis Missouri
  • 2001 – Sept 21-23 in San Diego California
  • 2000 – Sept 29-30 in Atlanta Georgia
  • 1999 – Oct 1-3 in Columbus Ohio

Why should I come to SummerFest? There are many reasons to attend SummerFest.

  • Learn about new products and equipment. “Hands on” demos.
  • Share ideas with other cleaners.
  • Education and certification from the IICRC Certification classes (either for free or for a minimal charge).
  • Relax and shoot the breeze with other cleaners, some might be old friends others may be new acquaintances. Join our carpet cleaning family.
  • Annual Spot Master Championship – professional spot removal competition.
  • And of course all the great door prizes from our generous supporters!
What to Do at SummerFest
You may attend as much or as little of SummerFest activities as you wish. Each year the itinerary varies according to what is available per the chosen location.  The basic structure of SummerFest has remained the same, mostly a social event with some business sprinkled in.
  • Welcome, Meet, Greet and Eat – Thur &/or Fri
  • IICRC Certification Class – Thur &/or Fri
  • Manufacturer, Mill, Distributor, Misc Tours (depends on what is available in area) Thur &/or Fri
  • Guest Speakers (not infomercials) Thur &/or Fri
  • Annual Banquet / Awards Dinner
  • Annual Round Table – Saturday morning
  • Demos  – Saturday afternoon
  • Door Prizes / Raffle – Saturday after demos
  • Saturday Dinner
  • Sunday Brunch

Who can I expect to see at SummerFest? There will be mostly professional carpet cleaners from around the country, and at times from overseas. There will be also be distributors, manufacturers and more. At every SummerFest you will find a mix of regulars that attend as many SummerFests as they possibly can, and new first time SummerFest attendees.  Carpet cleaners, both young and old, experienced and green, bulletin board personalities and lurkers too.

How expensive is it to attend SummerFest? Most SummerFest events are FREE to attend.

Exceptions being; The dinner banquet: Avg $50.00 per person. Details vary each year and are announced on the home and news pages.

IICRC Classes:
free or a minimal charge, more details to come. (you are responsible for any IICRC testing fees associated with classes)

Accommodations: you are responsible for your own accommodations. Each year a hotel is chosen to be the official “host” hotel. While you do not have to stay at this hotel to enjoy SummerFest, it is recommended as much of the event is planned around the hotel.

Travel Expenses: you are responsible for your own airfare, gasoline or other travel expenses.

Spending money: you are responsible for your own food and any other incidentals.

Is it important to make reservations? Yes. The hotel needs to be reserved in order to get room at SummerFest Group rate. The Friday night banquet has a deadline, usually a couple weeks before the event.

To make hotel reservations Contact the Official SF Host hotel directly. Please tell them you will be with the SummerFest Group so you can get the special rate. Also please remember to reserve before the deadline. After the deadline the hotel will NOT be able to guarantee availability or the SF Group rate.
To make reservations for the Banquet, contact Andrechelle Cermak at (440) 296-9322 at least a week before the event.

I am a distributor / manufacturer, may I purchase a booth and sell or show my wares at SummerFest?

NO absolutely not, no booths, no sales. SummerFest is not a convention. SummerFest is strictly an informal friendly SALES FREE atmosphere. All distributors, manufacturers, etc are welcome to attend SummerFest, but sales are not allowed.  (no passing out brochures /  fliers,  no booths, etc)

Demos will be open to everyone, including manufacturers. If you want your product / equipment included in SummerFest “demos”, a few guidelines must be followed;  All those with equipment to demo must adhere to the following:

  • All manufacturer / distributor represented products must be approved by the SummerFest Committee prior to the event. *Most products used o­n “Demo Day” are supplied by local cleaners, or the host.
  • Must allow attendees to use the equipment. ALL equip / chem / etc must be set out at the demos to be freely used by anyone. No “for show o­nly” products.
  • No freebies. ( If manufacturers want to give samples out, they must be given to everyone who requests one, or to everyone attending, or we suggest through SF door prize system.)
  • No salesman pushing the product, no brochures, etc. *The rep is allowed to answer questions from the attendees about his product. Can hand out business cards only and take business cards from anyone interested.
  • Only o­ne representative per company (with approved guest). No “sales teams” or shills or other similar attempts to advertise or solicit.

No sales pressure will be tolerated. If this happens, the company will be asked to leave immediately and not be allowed to attend future SummerFests.

If you wish to become a SummerFest supporter, your business card / flyer / brochure can be inserted into the SummerFest welcome packets. Manufacturers who plan to attend please notify the SummerFest Committee.

How many attend SummerFest? The total varies greatly year to year depending on local support. SummerFest is hosted in a different city each year.

Approx attendance:
2013 Muskegon Michigan 20/50
2012 St Pete Florida 20+
2011 Hartford Connecticut 35
2010 Salt Lake City Utah  25
2009 Atlanta Georgia  70+
2008 Muskegon Michigan 50+
2007 Indianapolis, Indiana 40+
2006 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 70+
2005 Portland, Oregon 30+
2004 Knoxville, Tennessee 100+
2003 Baltimore, Maryland 75-85
2002 St. Louis Missouri 80-125+
2001 San Diego California 30+
2000 Atlanta, Georgia 50+
1999 Columbus, Ohio 30+